With software updates being introduced each week it’s easy to miss features that could have a meaningful impact on your lab. We’ve highlighted a few in this edition of our newsletter.

Labnext Reporting

We’ve made updates to a several Labnext reports to give you better visibility into what’s happening in the lab:

New Case Report

We’ve added a Group by Account and User Entry preference to this report. This gives you the ability to identify the value of cases entered for products during a timeframe as well as being able to track data entry.

To edit the case production schedule, you simply drag the tasks in case’s Gantt chart. We’ve enhanced this functionality so now if you hold the CTRL button down and drag a task, all of the following tasks move with it. This small update will make your lab’s task management much more efficient.

Patient Appointments Report

This new report details cases that have not been invoiced based on the patient appointment date to provide insight into what work needs to be completed and shipped. Critical detail at your fingertips so that your practices always receive their cases in advance of the patient’s appointment. No case falls through the cracks.

Reporting with Tags

Labnext Tags provide powerful and flexible functionality to categorize cases and accounts. Labnext accounts can be tagged as being part of a DSO, study group,… Cases can similarly be tagged to categorize.

Many Labnext reports support filtering by tags so that you can track revenue by tag,… This structure is very flexible and can be tailored to meet your unique reporting needs.

Account Reporting

Run reports related to a specific account from within the Labnext Account. With the account record open, click on Actions and the desired report:

  • View Open Cases
  • View Cases to Ship
  • View Posting
  • Case Remakes

This is a convenient path to gather details specific to an account.

Labnext Integrations

Labnext supports a large ecosystem of integrated hardware and software solutions to make your lab more efficient. Lab management software is your central business application, and it provides far more value when connected to your other systems.


Leading shipping services including UPS, FedEx and others have been integrated into Labnext to streamline your inbound and outbound logistics.

  • Create labels within Labnext, with support for multiple cases per shipment
  • Allow your accounts to generate their own inbound labels through DDX
  • Tracking numbers are automatically stored in Labnext and visible to the account through their DDX portal

Card Processing

Worldpay payment processing is integrated into Labnext’s financial workflows for efficiency. Ledger posts are automatically generated from processed transactions for accuracy.

  • Offers competitive discount rates on all leading cards
  • Increases processing accuracy to maximize lab revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Accounts can view invoices and statements through their DDX online portal and make their own payments

Intraoral Scanning

With more and more case work coming from practice intraoral scans, Labnext’s integration with Plascan, TRIOS and other leading scanners eliminates data entry and boosts staff productivity.

  • Digital cases are automatically created in Labnext eliminating data entry
  • Scan files are automatically associated with the Labnext case and saved as part of the case history

Practice Management Software

Many leading practice management software applications including; Dentrix, Dentrix Enterprise, AxiUm and Open Dental, integrate with your DDX practice portal to streamline case submission to your lab. With a couple of clicks your accounts can submit digital or traditional cases.

  • Labnext/DDX trainers are available to help you setup and train your accounts to submit their cases through DDX

Quick Tip

  • Hold the CTRL key and click a hyperlink in Labnext to open the destination in a new browser window. This can be helpful when drilling into report data.
  • CTRL+F to search for text on a page

For more Information

Learn more about these features or other functionality from the Labnext Manual.

If you see features that your lab does not have access to, please contact:
Edward Meister at 800-403-9870.

If you wish to receive additional training on Labnext features, please contact:
Terri Heath at 801-847-4608.