How Digital Dental Leaders has spearheaded the digital impression process movement

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As a digital-only dental lab, Digital Dental Leaders goal is to create a restoration experience that doctors can trust, and that their patients will promote. Their commitment to high quality work at competitive pricing translates into consistent results, decreased seating time, and outstanding dental restorations that keep their customers smiling.
Labnext has been a powerful collaborator in our fast-growing dental lab startup. Together, we have built a lean, all-digital workflow that saves time and money, and improves customer satisfaction. With an all-digital flow, in many respects our business can only be as good as the software we are using. Labnext has been a great partner, listening to our feedback and following through with improvements. The result has been reliable software that helps us maximize efficiency, track important metrics, and accomplish our goals. Micah Talbert

Operations Director at Digital Dental Leaders

The Challenge

Digital Dental Leaders began as an offshoot of a traditional, full-service lab. They spent years observing and experiencing the problems that afflict labs, and saw opportunities rooted in the evolving industry.

Digital technologies were starting to become well established in dental labs, practice adoption of intraoral scanners was growing and more materials for a digital process were being introduced. Yet, most labs struggled to achieve all the value of digital manufacturing while supporting their broad traditional product line.

The Solution

Digital Dental Leaders was founded with the intention to exclusively target the digital dental industry. Furthermore, rather than offering a large product line, they opted to begin with only a small selection. This focused strategy allowed them to streamline processes and realize efficiencies that provides customers with a reliable restoration at a reasonable price.

By only accepting digital scans, going model-free with crowns and implant abutments, and using Labnext to tie all of this together, DDL was able to realize a fully digital process. DDL was able to manage their operations more efficiently and communicate with dental practices more effectively. By being a digital-only lab, Digital Dental Leaders has successfully set a higher standard, and improved the quality of restorations and both the doctor and patient experience.
Our digital process
cuts the average seat time by as much as 50%
Our digital process
has saved some doctors more than $50,000 / year
Our model-free process reduces error introduced by models and manual adjustments

What Comes Next

Digital Dental Leaders continues to be passionate about being a resource for doctors and helping them realize the full potential of digital dentistry in their offices. With the growing adoption of intraoral scanners and the innovation of digital materials, they see opportunities to grow their customer base, continue improving their product, and optimize their digital manufacturing process using Labnext.

Digital Dental Leaders is currently based in Menifee, California with the plan to expand their lab network to communities across the country; providing practices with a cost-effective digital restoration solution.

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