How Moskey Dental Has Been Producing Smiles For Almost 100 Years

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Moskey Dental Laboratory, a family owned business for three generations, was founded in 1924. That continuity of ownership has meant dentists have received the consistency and dependability they need to run a successful practice. Known for delivering timely and quality restorations to minimize patient’s chair time, Moskey invests in its people and technology to ensure they are well positioned to anticipate the needs of their customers. For nearly a century, their values have remained the same: craftsmanship, caring, and honesty.

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President, Moskey Dental Laboratories

The Challenge

Family businesses are the primary form of business all over the world, yet less than one-third survive to the second generation, and only half of those businesses make it to the third.

Over the decades, Moskey Dental Laboratory has faced tough circumstances for survival, and yet has beaten the odds and made it to a third generation of family leadership. They have been exceptionally resilient, and have taken advantage of opportunities to innovate and transform their dental lab as needed. With a positive corporate culture and a focus on the long term, Moskey Dental Laboratory has succeeded in something that is incredibly rare: they have created continuous value across generations.

The Solution

It can be difficult launching a company with the added pitfalls and potential baggage of family relationships. But Nathan Lash did just that, when he founded his business (then called Mutual Dental Lab) back in October of 1924.

Since those early days, this family business has thrived and become a multi-generational success story. They have extended the values of the family to create a lasting culture in which their values are sustained in the business and the wider community.

And the value they have created is not just financial. They have developed capable and committed people in each new generation, and they have also contributed to the community at large.

Moskey Dental Laboratory offers an economy line of restorations for those without the means to pay for quality care. They are also long-time participants in the national Donated Dental Services program that provides dental care to the nation’s most vulnerable people; disabled, elderly or medically-compromised individuals who cannot afford necessary treatment.

For the Moskey team, it is important that they live and work by the values that have defined them for a century. Through a legacy of shared vision, their team is tied together by innovation, reinvention, seeking new opportunities, and learning from the challenges that lie ahead.

Founded in 1924 by Nathan Lash and managed today by Nathan’s grandson, Robert Lash
Long time participants in the national
Donated Dental
Services program
Has worked with over
3,000 dentists in our
hometown of Cleveland, OH and across the country

What Comes Next

With a strategic focus on the future, and with a goal of longevity, Moskey Dental Laboratory is looking for dedicated leaders who will respect the company’s heritage, and emerge as stewards for future generations.

As they remain true to their hometown roots, and continue their promise of delivering quality dental restorations, they are excited about the next chapter and what the future will bring.

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